Client Service Standards

 On each engagement we set out to:

  1. Identify our Clients’ stakeholders, their needs, and their expectations for our performance.
  2. Define the service objectives in cooperation with our Clients which will empower us to fulfil our professional responsibilities, and go beyond our Clients’ expectations in achieving their requirements.
  3. Prepare and execute a service program to ensure that potential risks are identified, analysed and monitored, while realised risks are properly addressed so that we successfully meet our commitments to our Clients.
  4. Establish an efficient and effective communication channel with our Clients’ stakeholders to enhance the value and quality of our service.
  5. Enhance our relationship with key management personnel by providing meaningful suggestions for improvement to gain their trust and loyalty.
  6. Improve our professional service by obtaining evaluation of our performance from our Clients on a regular basis.
  7. Charge fees for our professional services provided, that are fair and reasonable to our Clients.