We provide expert knowledge transfer during the development and implementation, thus ensuring that your internal employees get the most possible from the solution and effectively and independently continue using it during their day-to-day operations.

Going forward, Talentteam will continue to be there to assist you well after the project is successfully completed. We offer a variety of Service Level Agreements (SLA) that provides onsite, telephone and remote support.

We are offering the following support services: 

  • Resolution of issues. Assist the internal team in the issues resolution, providing at the same time on-the-job training.
  • Transfer of knowledge. We organise workshops with your internal team to identify depth of current knowledge, identify gaps, areas for improvement and prepare a roadmap with hands-on trainings for enhancing their skills and knowledge.
  • Technical System health check. Prepare procedures for technical system health check like database and middleware up & running check, database performance tuning, integrations checking, etc.
  • Functional System health check. Prepare procedures for functional system health check like period open/close, month-end, year-end, subledgers reconciliation with General Ledger, etc.
  • Patching and Upgrades. Prepare (or enhance if exist) a CEMLI (Configurations/Customisations, Extensions, Modifications, Localizations/Internationalization, and Integration) inventory to determine the exact customisations in your system. Identify customisations that are impacted by the patching or upgrade process. Identify customizations that can be removed from your system during or after the upgrade process by standard functionality. Assist your internal team or undertake the upgrade process and organize testing and user training.
  • Deploy additional modules or functionality. Assist your internal team or undertake the implementation of additional modules or functionality on existing modules to satisfy new business requirements, organisation changes and law/regulations changes.
  • Expert advice. Advise you on how to leverage enhanced functionality to continuously improve the solution and receive the maximum return on your investment.