Talent Team is committed to providing comprehensive support beyond the completion of a project.


We offer a range of Service Level Agreements (SLA) to ensure ongoing assistance. This includes on-site, telephone, and remote support, allowing clients to receive help whenever and wherever necessary.

One of our  key support services is issue resolution. Talent Team assists internal teams in resolving any issues that may arise during implementation, simultaneously providing on-the-job training to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees.

We also organize workshops to assess the depth of current knowledge, identify areas for improvement, and create a roadmap for hands-on training sessions.

Talent Team conducts system health checks to ensure the smooth functioning of both technical and functional aspects. This involves tasks such as database and middleware checks, performance tuning, integration verification, and reconciliation of subledgers with the General Ledger.

We undertake system patching, upgrades, and the implementation of additional modules or functionality, aligning with new business requirements, organizational changes, and relevant laws/regulations.

Finally, we offer expert advice to help clients leverage enhanced functionality in order to continuously improve their solution and maximize return on investment. With our comprehensive support services, Talent Team ensures the successful implementation and effective long-term usage of solutions.


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